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August 31-September 1, 2018

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3. Final Assembly Starts with Fireboard!

Water-jet technology cutting layers of fireboard
Water-jet technology cutting layers of fireboard
Precision cuts to fit in all the right places
Precision cuts to fit in all the right places

Around the corner, Liberty uses only the best fireboard - UL Listed, 5/8-inch thick, X-Type, fire rated at 1700 degrees!

Each piece of insulation is cut using our unique water-jet technology. This computerized system is so accurate that it allows us to install fire protection, even in the smallest places. The fit is so good, there are no gaps! With Liberty, the more fireboard the more fire protection you get!

Contrary to how other manufacturer's approach fire protection, dead-air space is not a good insulator.

Special Note: Did you know that some manufacturer's install the fireboard before the paint baking process? If fireboard goes through the oven, the heat dries out the fireboard and reduces its effectiveness. Liberty Safe on the other hand installs their fireboard after the baking process. It's one of the reasons Liberty has higher fire ratings and outperforms other brands in head to head tests.